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Today The Whole Site Is Going To Shut Down The Reason Behind This is Said That They Are Not Able To Manage Their Shell Website And Some Hardware Problems.
They Have Given Time To People or User To Download Their Stuff From Their FTP Servers, If You Are Unable To Do That You Can Mail Them.
R.I.P May Be Admin Of Give Their Scripts Of Shell Like Login And Account Creation As Open Source And Serve His Purpose.
So Journey Of 6 Years With Come To An End. I Know This Was Going To Happen So I Grabbed Nearly All Pages Of Website Incase it Was About To Happen, And Guss It Did. I Will Put All Data Which I Have Collected From Dead Site Scraped For Offline Browsing, As Soon As I Get Time To Do It.
Till Then I Have Put Some Of Html Archieves on webserver So That Anyone Can See How Look Before Pulling The Plug.
I Was Going To Create A Service Like In Near Future But Like I Too Dont Have Sufficient Resource To Get Started. Hope May Be Someone With Resources Will Come Forward And We Could Again Start A Great Service Like Dead
Shellmix Offline Archieve