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Page Ranking Algo. Exposed

This is all my research or so called thesis (Fact and figure) about page rank algorithm by google for webmasters which i tryed to expose, the secret i know that after posting this my blog which has current page rank 3 will be blacklisted and the result will be decrease in my website traffic and ranking in google results so if you people like my post please share it on facebook google plus so that even after blacklisting my website there left some pages to point about my genuine orignal litrature Here we go !... All webmasters know what is seo what is ranking they know what is page rank and they want to increase it as far as it can so that their website result comes at first page or posision. Webmaster learn 1st chapter of s.e.o and they come to know that their website should have high page rank, So they open google and enter words like how to increase page rank or how to raise page rank from zero 0 To 10 in 10 minutes or blackhat seo etc But what page rank really is, Is a so called issue 90 percent people (webmasters) think that page rank is the most important thing for comming their site on first page. And all webmaster beleave that this page ranking comming from linking inbound links and out bound links. Me too was another webmaster who too believe in the same concept from 2 years i used to be too bussy in creating backlinks everytime but my page rank does not increse at all it was just a big 0 from last 1 year but i got a page rank of 2 for my website http// in last google dance and in latest google dance of November i got 3 but i did not understand why because from last time of my page rank 2 update i did not add a single link to my website but it may happen due to some site may have added result of my website. But the shoking part was that i created a website just as fun called which i never linked to my website itself which does not poses even one link from any website, has one result in google search, Not even it is orignal project of me and get less than 30 visitor per month, Got a page rank of 3 .Which is extreemly shooking.So this means google page rank is independent of backlinks, or page rank is a false concept created to fool around, or it is something else. Another strange fact about google page rank also flushed in front of my eyes when i created mirror of my website which was a page rank 3 website before november but due to high traffic i thought to create a mirror of my website so that in extreem loads my website can handle traffic,So i created it as every one knw that i dont know procedure to take a domain name, So i use domin free and take as my website mirror which has a page rank of 0 at that time but after page rank update i found page rank for my website was decreased and it is now 2 at the time of writing this post but my mirror website also got pagerank 2, and we all know that domain are blacklisted by google, no one can find any result for this domain. Which is strange. So this leads to result that mirror share same page rank as orignal site or there is another posibility as page rank of my website in this google update should reach to 4, May be mirrors share the whole page rank in to two half so that one got half i.e 2 and other got another half. Conclusion is that page rank is misleading and it is used to fool webmasters around the globe. Orignal post written by Mr.4x3 Please share this post on facebook or google plus or other sites if you like it great man !