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12 Years a Slave (2013)/2014-Jan-21 06:51:03-  Directory
4Closed (2013)/2014-Jan-21 06:34:20-  Directory
A Single Shot (2013)/2014-Jan-19 07:28:53-  Directory
About Time (2013)/2014-Jan-19 08:15:18-  Directory
American Hustle (2013)/2014-Jan-21 07:00:43-  Directory
Bad Grandpa (2013)/2014-Jan-19 09:03:00-  Directory
Baggage Claim (2013)/2014-Jan-25 03:05:34-  Directory
Blue Caprice (2013)/2014-Jan-21 07:06:02-  Directory
Blue Jasmine (2013)/2014-Jan-19 09:46:20-  Directory
Bonnie and Clyde (2013)/2014-Jan-19 11:01:57-  Directory
Borgman (2013)/2014-Jan-21 00:47:40-  Directory
Captain Phillips (2013)/2014-Jan-19 01:16:43-  Directory
Carrie (2013)/2014-Jan-19 01:49:11-  Directory
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)/2014-Jan-19 02:53:42-  Directory
Dallas Buyers Club (2013)/2014-Jan-25 02:53:05-  Directory
Enough Said (2013)/2014-Jan-19 03:04:14-  Directory
Escape Plan (2013)/2014-Jan-23 23:19:57-  Directory
Filth (2013)/2014-Jan-23 22:30:48-  Directory
Free Birds (2013)/2014-Jan-23 22:41:18-  Directory
Freezer (2013)/2014-Jan-21 01:26:48-  Directory
Frozen (2013)/2014-Jan-21 01:37:46-  Directory
Gravity (2013)/2014-Jan-21 01:48:49-  Directory
Her (2013)/2014-Jan-21 01:57:48-  Directory
How I Live Now (2013)/2014-Jan-25 03:14:59-  Directory
In a World (2013)/2014-Jan-19 03:32:58-  Directory
Instructions Not Included (2013)/2014-Jan-19 03:48:37-  Directory
Jeune and jolie (2013)/2014-Jan-21 02:04:12-  Directory
Jimmy P (2013)/2014-Jan-21 02:16:49-  Directory
Kelly and Victor (2012)/2014-Jan-21 02:27:26-  Directory
Last Vegas (2013)/2014-Jan-19 04:34:10-  Directory
Machete Kills (2013)/2014-Jan-19 05:16:01-  Directory
Metallica Through the Never (2013)/2014-Jan-21 03:35:42-  Directory
Ninja Shadow of a Tear (2013)/2014-Jan-21 04:10:38-  Directory
On the Job (2013)/2014-Jan-21 04:19:14-  Directory
Plush (2013)/2014-Jan-23 23:31:17-  Directory
Sarah Prefers to Run (2013)/2014-Jan-21 04:31:28-  Directory
Short Term 12 (2013)/2014-Jan-19 05:52:40-  Directory
Social Nightmare (2013)/2014-Jan-21 04:43:04-  Directory
The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards (2014)/2014-Jan-21 05:22:46-  Directory
The Crash Reel (2013)/2014-Jan-21 05:35:53-  Directory
The Fifth Estate (2013)/2014-Jan-19 06:12:05-  Directory
The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug (2013)/2014-Jan-21 05:47:30-  Directory
The Hunger Games Catching Fire (2013)/2014-Jan-20 22:41:37-  Directory
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)/2014-Jan-21 05:55:44-  Directory
The Spectacular Now (2013)/2014-Jan-19 06:44:00-  Directory
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)/2014-Jan-21 06:07:52-  Directory
Vendetta (2013)/2014-Jan-21 06:19:21-  Directory
Wolf (2013)/2014-Jan-21 06:27:33-  Directory
Zombie Night (2013)/2014-Jan-19 06:54:44-  Directory