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Who is Blux™

Hai... folks!. If you are watching this page it mean you want to know who the hell i am ? oR What kind of shit head i am ? Who is responsible for this dung type of blog ? So i am writing this piece of shit for people because i got Hundreds of mail Just asking about Me !
Some People ask Question to me

Like They have Invented Question Mark ?

But Do You Know I Like Such Type Of Persons

I am Simple Man on CyberSpace oR networks without Wearing Glasses, this was my old introduction, which i used to say for long time and Nothing was known About by me.

Thousand of People Visit my Website per Month, So i think to create this page so that people may know more about Me

So I am Blux Xergy, Some Would say What kind of name is this, But This is it.I am Commonly or mostly Known as Mr.4x3, And this Mostly tends To infinity and Blux Xergy Tends To Zero, As some people know me By Blux Xergy N every one on this planet know me By Name Mr.4x3

You Might Think Why Nick Name Mr.4x3 is Choosen by a Personlity like me but, i got a reason behind it i.e "4x3" is alpha numeric Version of "AXE", And this Word "AXE" Sound like "X" Which is my Favorite Word in all Words,Got it

I am a Graduade,xpo,N a Webmaster for more than 6 years,and first of all i am HUMAN From last 22 Years. I like to build websites and "like to be liked by Peoples" Here Are my some of Websites.

1.The Doyl Project

2.Mr.4x3 › Web.

3.Black Google Search

As earlier said i am Human, So i like Music,Fashion,Internet And Girls

I like Rihanna , Britney Spears and My Favorite Kylie Minouge I am a great Fan of Her _______ N Her Songs,since ChildHood

According To Me Some of the Best Beauties Of worlds are Ashley Greene , Andriana Lima , Michelle trachtenberg, Kristen Stewart, Charlize theron , Emma Roberts and More
My Networking Profiles are as

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I think That's Enough For you Dude, If You Have any Question About Any thing Just Mail Me at: [email protected],I will be Happy To Here From you

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