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Archive of February 2014

Crack Em' Up

Living In A World Like This Aint Easy
People Sometime Find Them Busy,
But They Dont Thought About At All,
Living, Life Less Like Pig, And Who Care,
You Dont Even Matter To Them,
Up In The Window Where Careless Lies,
People Like To Turn Suicide,
So Just Crack Em' Up, Little Bit,
So Just Be Good To Others, Who Are Like You, Cuz

" God Has One 'O' Less Than GoOd "

So Just Try To Crack Em' Up
February 3rd, 2014 / Trackback

Kinda Announcement

Hai Now I am Giving Power To All Members, Who Register To Write. Yes!, Now You Can Post What Ever You Like, But It Should Be Orignal, Like Which You Know Or Which You Wanna Tell Others. But Remember It Should Not Be Filth. And Remember You Cant Edit Or Delete Your Post If Once Posted, So Be Careful. Any Thing Else You Need Just Contact Me : [email protected] Lets See How Much It Can Go.
February 3rd, 2014 / Trackback