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Archive of December 2011

I Have Written SomeThing About Me Finally

Happy New Year 2012 Foaks And Wishes, I am Blux Xergy, Finally I have written Something About Me Coz.. I am Tired of Bieng Anonymous And Also Because Many People Ask Me Question About Me "Like They have Invented Question Mark ?".This Sound Crazy But its like it Please Give it a try And Tell Me if i need some thing More About Me Or My Introduction, Love You all.... Shit heads
© Blux Xergy
December 31st, 2011 / Trackback

Updating Websites For New Year 2012 : Blux

Yo... Friends its me Blux Xergy
I am doing a major update (Content + Server) to all my Websites which are getting high traffic day by day, Some people are also there which are trying to go in to my server and database. So Dont be panic if you find my whole website or some page dead it will come back at starting of new year.Once again happy X-mas and happy new year to all foaks : © Blux Xergy
December 8th, 2011 / Trackback

New project : Custom Url Shortner aka Custom Globe Ticket : Blux

Hai.. I was just thinking of new kind of project or website with some kind of unique idea its an new idea of custom url shortner 1st i will create custom url shortner for profiles so that people can have their profile rememberable and there may exist a pattern in all his own profile urls. I will call this "Custom globe ticket" but it is in developing stage. If someone want to take a part in this project he/she is welcome anyone can contact me at: [email protected] Happy new Year in advance, And wish me luck for my bachlor degree examinations : © Blux Xergy
December 3rd, 2011 / Trackback