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New Dynamic Content in html Blux

Hai.. you can see new dynamic content in html as shown in down two posts i.e Best thinking And Men's Jokes Which goes on Changing after each page refresh. For doing this in blogger you can Simply read my post at Add Gadget Widget Like Me And For implementing it in simple html you can View its html code and copy < h2 class='title' Best Thinking< /h2..... To ...........< /content> < /module> < /div> And text between can be changed from Blux
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Best Thinking

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Men's joke

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BluX Xergy New Guy:

Today I Meet New Guy on net while chating Named Blux. He was akind of fast in nature he knew almost Everything and its fixes. He offered Me To Create a website With him, N i agree Hope we could Do something soon.
October 11th, 2011 / Trackback